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Our goal is to empower and inform our clients in an effort to help them make better decisions regarding their legal matters. We offer an array of traditional and unbundled legal services  for individuals and businesses. We take a common sense approach to lawyering.





Denise S. Young

Denise S. Young is an attorney and Managing Member of The Law Office of Denise S. Young, PLLC. She specializes in corporate/business law, transactions,  not-for-profit  law,  business  law, technology, state and federal procurement, contracts, data & organizational security, and risk management. She also practices criminal law and family law. She has more than 12 years legal experience and more than 17 years professional business experience. Her areas of interest includes business strategy, strategic sourcing, business development, transactions, acquisitions, information & data security, and supply chain management.


She received her BA in Material Logistics Management from Michigan State University in 1996; a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law in 1999; a Master of Arts in Procurement and Acquisitions Management from Webster University in 2008; and completed her second Master of Arts

degree from Webster University in Business & Organizational Security Management in May 2010.


In addition to practicing law she served as an adjunct professor for the University of Maryland University College and DeVry University from April 2009 through January 2015. During this time she taught online courses in purchasing/procurement; materials management/supply chain management; contracts/transactions; logistics; negotiations; pricing; and ethical and legal issues in professions to graduate students and undergraduates.


In 2006, Ms. Young became the Procurement and Contracts attorney for the Texas Building and Procurement Commission, where she was responsible for negotiating transaction for all  statewide procurements and statewide purchasing initiatives. In 2008, Ms. Young became the Innovation Technology (IT) and contracts attorney for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. She was elevated to senior counsel and was responsible for drafting contracts, and request for proposal for all major Comptroller IT initiatives. She was also responsible training various agency managers regarding statewide procurement regulations. Two notable contracts in which Ms. Young was intricately involved include the 200MM statewide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems procurement as well as the contract to design and construct the stand alone data center for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. In 2010, Ms. Young became the senior contracts and procurement counsel to the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority  in Austin Texas.


Capital Metro is one of the largest metropolitan transportation authorities in Texas, owning more than 190 miles of Railroad and various properties in the greater Austin area. As senior counsel Ms. Young oversaw the contracting and legal aspects related to the 250 million outsourcing initiative of Capital Metro; the 50 million dollar bus refresh and procurement; various union legal matters; construction and lease contracts; outside litigation counsel; ethics training; policy development; federal grants and federal procurement; legal matters pertaining to rail operations; and served as one of two attorneys that reported directly to the Board of Directors.


Now in private practice, Ms. Young has a thriving legal practice where she provides practitioner services and general counsel services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profits. She is an on call attorney for Rocket Lawyer, and the Texas Legal Protection Plan. She’s a certified attorney ad litem; a former certified Texas Procurement Manager, a member of the American  Bar Association, the Fort Bend Bar Association, and the Fort Bend Criminal Bar Associate. She holds a license to practice law in Michigan, Texas, and the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Texas.


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